August 2020 - Message Center

Introducing the "Message Center." Users will now be able to send direct e-mails and texts to their patients. Additionally, patients will have the ability to chat with their provider when logged into their patient portal.

What's new, you ask? In a nutshell:
The "Message Center" - a newly added feature that will allow you to easily email, text or chat directly with your patients. The layout of this feature allows users to efficiently manage all communications within one easy to navigate page. 
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Message Center Overview
  • Email
    • Use patient names or email addresses to send an email to patients directly through Teledentix.
    • Format text, add links, add photos, and tables into your email content.
    • Attach up to 5 MB of files to an email.
    • Text
      • Search for the patient’s account by name and send a text directly through Teledentix. (Patients must have a valid mobile number within their account.)
      • Send and receive instant SMS messages directly. 
    • Chat
      • Send and receive instant messages when the patient is logged into their portal. 
      • Send and receive images, PDFs, and files instantaneously.

    An Overview: 

    On the left-hand side of your Teledentix account, select "Message Center."

    Select the Email / Text / or Chat tab on the upper left-hand side. 

    For Email: 

    • Select "Email" tab
    • Select "Compose Email" 
    • Search for the patient's name and select
    • Add custom message
    • Click "Send" 

    For Text: 

    • Select the "Text" tab
    • Select "Compose SMS"
    • Search patient name
    • Type your message
    • Click "Send"

    For Chat: 

    • Select the "Chat" tab
    • Search and select your patient's name under "Search People" (NOTE: a green light indicates your patient is on-line within their patient portal and are able to receive your message in real-time.)
    • Type your message
    • Click "Send"