Patient Chart [Pre-Existing Conditions]

In this article, you will learn how to chart patient's pre-existing conditions using hard tissue charting.

To chart pre-existing conditions in Teledentix: 
  • Access the patient's chart
  • Select the "Charting" tab

💡Good to Know! 

Adult, Deciduous, and Mixed dentitions are available upon selection in addition to Universal (most common), Palmer, and FDI charts are also available. 

  • To add a condition to a specific tooth, first click the tooth, then click the condition at the bottom of the odontogram. If you selected a condition that requires a surface, you will be asked to select a tooth surface in a pop-up.


💡Good to Know! 

Can't locate the condition you're looking for? Use the "Watch" tool button located on the top portion of the odontogram. Simply select the tooth, click on the "Watch" button and then click on the arrow to add your note.

  • The charting feature will keep a record of any and all changes at the bottom of the odontogram.