Submitting a Feature Request / Change

Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear it! Teledentix always welcomes suggestions for improvements.

Simply fill out the attached form at the bottom of this page, attach your screenshots, and submit. 


Here are some tips on how to submit "The Perfect" request. 

    • Add screenshots to demonstrate where this suggested feature or feature change takes place. 

Tip: To take screenshot on a Windows PC - on your keyboard, select "Windows Icon+ PrtScn" you may then paste this screenshot onto a Word document to mark up your changes or suggestions. 

Tip: To take a screenshot on a Mac - select "Shift + Command + 3" you may then paste this onto a document to mark up your changes or suggestions. 

    • Be detailed in your request. Tell us why this feature is needed and how it can positively impact your office. 
    • Share examples (screenshots) to further illustrate, where necessary. 
Please note that while we take every suggestion into high consideration, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be implemented within Teledentix. Be sure to check the "What's New?" section of the Teledentix Help Portal to see our latest and greatest feature releases.

Submit your feature request here ->  Feature Request Form

Thank you for taking the time to review, we look forward to your feedback and feature requests!