Add a Patient Progress Note

In this article, you will learn how to add and edit a progress note for an individual patient.

In order to add a progress note to a patient's account:

  • Navigate to the desired patient's "Patient Details" page. 
  • From the tabs, select the "General Progress" tab.
  • Enter your note in the text entry field.
    • Please note: you are able to add a Macro Note template by typing the title of the Macro Note and selecting it from the drop down picklist. To learn more about Macro Notes, please see Using Macro Notes and Patient Progress Notes.
  • After completing your note, you are able to attach forms to the note and also share it with the patient by checking the relevant box. 
  • To save the progress note, click the "+Add Progress" button. Your progress note will be saved and added to the patient's profile. 
    • Depending on the selection made in your "Profile Settings" (found under "Manage Account"), the progress note will only be editable for 24 or 48 hours before going into lockdown.