Patient Responsible Party

The patient's Responsible Party feature and Responsible Party profiles are live on Teledentix.


The responsible party feature allows you to assign a responsible party for a patient, input or edit the responsible party's contact information, and even create a Teledentix account for the responsible party themselves.

The responsible party information for a patient can be accessed in a few different areas of Teledentix.

Provider Account Dashboard

Access the list of responsible parties by navigating:

  • Select "Patients" from the dashboard list
  • Select "Responsible Party" from the drop down sub list.
  • On this page, you are able to view the profiles for all the responsible parties and click into their associated patient accounts.

You are also able to view an individual patient's responsible party in their Patient Details or on their Patient Info tab.


Patient Portal

The responsible party is able to view the patient's information in the patient portal, similar to the patient portal for patients themselves. 


Online Booking Microsite

When booking an appointment through an online scheduler's microsite, patients are able to designate a responsible party and input their information in the same way as they would input their own personal information. 


For more information on the responsible party feature, please see Add, Edit, and View a Patient's Responsible Party.