Teledentistry Network - Adding a Prescription

In this article, you will learn how to add a prescription to a patient's account.

In Teledentix, you are able to add a prescription to a patient's account and send their preferred pharmacy an e-fax all from within their Patient Details page

To add a medication to your Teledentix account, please see Add a Prescription

To assign a prescription to a patient's account: 
  • Navigate to their Patient Details page
  • Click the Prescription tab
  • Under the prescription tab, type in the name of the prescription then select it from the picklist, or manually enter the prescription using the entry fields. 
  • Be sure to enter a refill quantity, then click the Save button. 


After saving a prescription, you are able to add a preferred pharmacy then send the pharmacy an e-fax.

To add a pharmacy and send an e-fax:
  • Locate the prescription at the bottom of the Prescriptions tab
  • Click the "Add Pharmacy" button under the Pharmacy column
  • Search for the patient's desired pharmacy
  • Click "Select" to assign the pharmacy. 
  • After selecting a pharmacy, click the pharmacy name under the Pharmacy column. 
  • Click the green Send E-fax button.