Teledentix - Minimum System Requirements

In this article, we will review the optimal settings required for a Teledentix workstation configuration.

Windows 10 (minimum) and macOS 11.0 Big Sur users can experience Teledentix. For the best Teledentix experience we recommend operating from Chrome.

System Requirements

  • Maintain the latest version of Chrome
    • Download the latest version here. 
  • Clear your cache on a regular basis (once a month)
    • Clearing cache made easy. See how, here.
  • Disable the pop up blocker for the Teledentix website.
  • Minimum Bandwidth of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) 
    • Supports practice management functions, email, and web browsing
    • Allows simultaneous use of electronic health record (EHR) and high-quality video consultations
    • Enables image downloads
    • Enables remote monitoring

Hosting a Video Consultation via Teledentix

Here is what you'll need: 
  • Front facing Camera
    • Laptops with built in cameras are a great option. A front facing external cameras may also be used.

TIP: To test your camera, try launching your "camera" setting within your computer settings. 

  • Microphone and Speakers
    • Be sure there is an audio option within your computer. You may find the input (mic) and output (speaker) via your computer's system settings.
    • Always allow Teledentix's access to "Audio" and "Video" prior to joining a Video Consultation

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